Best browsers for Android Smartphones 2019

Keep clicking with these 10 best browsers for Android

Best browsers for Android
Best browsers for Android

Best browsers for Android smartphone is very much important because everyone of us is using web browsers each and every day. So Browsing the web on your smartphone doesn’t have to be annoying.

A good browser application can improve even unresponsive and slow web pages by speeding up images, enabling third-party plug-ins, and saving your passwords. The tough part is finding a best browser you like.

But it’s ultimately a matter of taste: You have to find the best browser that suits your needs. Keeping that in mind, here are the best browsers for Android.

Best browsers for Android

Google Chrome

Best browsers for Android Google Chrome
Google Chrome

Google Chrome is one of the best browsers for android since it has a bunch of features, which includes the ability to search from the address bar, automatically fill web forms with your data, and browse the web in private Incognito mode .

Default homepage of chrome browser is also useful, serving up news articles it thinks you’ll like, as well as giving you links to your favorite sites.

Google’s Safe Browsing feature

You can also save any web page for viewing offline which is useful if you want to read something later. Google’s Safe Browsing feature also warns you of dangerous links, and built-in Google Translate mean that no page can keep you from your rampant reading.

Chrome browser also has an option for blocking the pop-up ads which show up while surfing through the web

Chrome shines if you have a Google account. Once you sign in to the google chrome browser, it automatically syncs your tabs, bookmarks, and history across devices, autocompletes your web searches, and remembers your usernames and passwords.

Fortunately, you don’t need a Google account to take advantage of Chrome’s tabbed browsing, which lets you toggle between web pages with a few taps.

Data saver is ditto, which compresses text, images, and other web objects to boost up browsing and reduce your data usage by 60 percent, according to Google’s stats. Those functionalities makes Chrome the best browser for Android.

Firefox Focus

Best browsers for android Firefox Focus
Firefox Focus

The full mobile version of Firefox is a magnificent browser (not least because, unlike many others, it supports extensions), but Firefox Focus is the best browsers for Android for its android offerings.

Focus is comparatively new, having only arrived on Android in July 2017, but it’s come a long way since then with new features including Google Safe Browsing and search suggestions, which checks for potential phishing sites.

All traces of your browsing history will be deleted, when you close Firefox Focus but you can also clean your current session by tapping on the trashcan icon that appears at the bottom right when you begin browsing, and if you navigate to a different app, the option to end your browsing session will appear in your phone’s notification area.

Mozilla is adding new features very often, so we can expect it will become even better will time.

Opera Touch

Best browsers for android Opera touch
Opera touch

Like Mozilla, Opera is well known for its hugely customizable desktop browser, which lets you tailor virtually and tinker with every element on the screen, but the organization has also made some superb mobile browsers. Our best browsers for android is the lightweight Opera Touch, which has been carefully designed with one-handed use in mind.

The button which is at the bottom of the Opera Touch interface is an different design feature, but makes it easy to access common controls (including refresh, close and search) with a single touch.

Opera touch crypto
Opera touch crypto

Searching the terms using voice is just as easy as typing it (just tap the microphone icon that appears and begin speaking) Opera Touch is best choice for the security-conscious Android user, with one-tap ad-blocking and a dedicated tool for protecting your phone from cryptominers (People who mine cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and etherium).

Microsoft Edge

If you are a Windows 10 user, you must be so used to Microsoft urging you to make Edge your default desktop browser, you may not have realized it has a mobile equivalent and a very good one at that.

Best browsers for android  Microsoft edge
Microsoft edge

The mobile version of Edge is designed by a separate team to the desktop browser, so you’ll find features differ significantly between the two.

Most recently, Microsoft included an optional tool that will alert you when you visit a website that has a reputation for poor quality news reporting.

Microsoft Edge mobile version is worth

Logging into Microsoft Edge browser in Android using your Microsoft account will allows you sync all your bookmarks automatically, and provided you are using Windows 10, you can move web pages smoothly and cleanly between your phone and your PC.

Even if you’re not a fan of desktop version of edge browser, the mobile version is well worth a look, particularly if you use other Microsoft software regularly.


Best browsers for android Dolphin
Dolphin Browser

Dolphin has launched more than four years ago, but has coped to stay relevant with features like Dolphin Sonar, which lets you search for things using voice (“go to” and “search eBay for Nike Shoes”), as well as share content to social media sites.

Sure, you can do a lot of these things today with artificial intelligence assistants, but it’s still good to have in built into a browser.

Gesture browsing

Gesture browsing feature allows you to bookmark webpages with finger gestures, and Webzine — Dolphin’s answer to Flipboard — collects more than 300 web sources in a variety of disciplines in an offline “magazine-style” digest.

Dolphin is also competitive in other manner. Like puffin and Firefox, it supports tabbed browsing, password syncing, add-ons, and private browsing. It syncs via Dolphin Connect, too.

Simply log in to your Google or Facebook account, install the corresponding Chrome or Firefox extension on your computer, and your bookmarks, tabs, and history will sync in the background. The Dolphin is also a great browser for the iPhone.


Puffin Browser
Puffin Browser

Puffin is one of the fastest and best browser for android, and while it’s hard to say if it’s absolutely the speediest in all circumstances, it certainly feels pretty agile.

That speed wouldn’t mean much if it meant sactificing safety, but thankfully that’s not the case.

is also the best browser for protecting your privacy, automatically encrypting all connections, and includes a built-in ad-blocker

Puffin also gives you an abnormal choice of input options, including a virtual controller that makes it simpler to enjoy games in the browser, in addition a virtual cursor that makes it easier to navigate pages that are wider than your screen (like large spreadsheets, for example).


Flynx Browser
Flynx Browser

Flynx is an unusual and best browser for Android. Rather than filling the entire screen of your phone or tablet, it appears hanging on top of whatever you’re doing in another app.

It’s extremely useful if you use messaging apps and social media regularly. Whenever you click a link in an app and select ‘Load with Flynx’, the browser will load it quietly in the background. Once it is done, tap the globe icon on the right to open it in a floating window. When you’re done, simply drag the icon down to close it.

Many s, including Facebook and Pinterest, have their own in-app browsers, but Flynx browser is more suitable and helps avoid the risk of getting distracted surfing when you’ve got other things to be doing.

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