New iPhone 11 (2019) Rumors: Specs, Price and More

 iPhone 11
iPhone 11

Apple’s iPhone 2019 might be all about the camera

We look forward to the new iPhone update for 2019 (potentially called the iPhone 11 or iPhone XI) and predict its design, release date, specification, and price.

Apple’s iPhone XS, iPhone XR, and iPhone XS Max represent vital steps forward for the organization’s handsets. They’re the most powerful iPhones ever produced by the company, thanks to the A12 Bionic chip, and they offer much-improved cameras with features like Smart HDR.

Apple also delivered its biggest screens ever on an iPhone with the 6.1-inch iPhone XR and 6.5-inch XS Max.


Apple is expecting to release new iPhones in September 2019, and rumors about the new devices are already circulating around.


1. Rear camera with three lenses

2. OLED and LCD displays with three different sizes

3. Upgraded True Depth camera

4. Apple Pencil support?

Rumors about Apple’s 2019 new iPhones have already started, promising an excess of new features and updates. Here are all the top rumors we have heard so far.

Latest News on New iPhone 11 (Updated April 1)

The new iPhone 11 will apparently sport a rear triple-lens camera array to set apart it from cheaper models, but leaked schematics reportedly of the camera layout aren’t very promising.

Twitter user Phone Designer published a more appealing deliver based on the same leaks, visualizing the phone with camera lenses that sit flush to the back of the device.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo’s latest report claims that this year’s Apple iPhones will have much bigger batteries than models which were released in 2018, in part to support a reverse wireless charging feature similar to what the Galaxy S10 offers.

iPhone 11 Release date

Apple announced the iPhone XR, iPhone XS and XS Max on Sept 12, 2018, but the company fixed the actual release dates for the phones.

The iPhone XS and XS Max’s preorder were available on Sept. 12, 2018, and they went on sale Sept. 21. The iPhone XR was up for preorder on Oct. 19 and hits at Oct. 26.

If the company follows a similar pattern for 2019, Apple would announce the 2019 iPhones on Sept. 10, which is a Tuesday. The handsets would likely to go preorder on Sept. 13 and go on sale Sept. 20.

iPhone 11 Specs

No notch (or at least a smaller one)

Love it or hate it, the top-notch has taken the smartphone world by the uproar, with a sharp influx in the design after the arrival of the iPhone X – however, it seems many of the competition have already exceeded Apple’s implementation.

The iPhones notch is unique thanks to its size, but that’s also its flaw heel. It is taking up a large amount of space along the top area of the screen while we seen Android manufacturers bring us dew-drop screens which are only as big a single front-facing camera.

What’s preventing the notch from simply being discarded is all the tech Apple has packed into it, and to remove it wholly could mean a loss of some features – such as Face ID.

Apple can probably relocate the proximity sensor, microphone, and speaker, which in turn might see a reduction in the size of the notch – which would be a step in the right direction. But, no notch will be the killer look – with a clean, elegant design that will surely turn heads.

Chipset: Bring on the A13

Every year Apple has been setting new performance standards with its A-series chips.

Apple A13 chipset

Apple A13 chipset

Last year with the iPhone XS and A12 Bionic, Apple was the first company to release a 7nm chip into the market.

This year, Apple is once again expected to use TSMC’s 7nm Factory to fabricate its A13 chip.

Given the lack of a node jump, A13 should bring relatively modest performance improvements, with Apple primarily focusing on improving its neural engine further.

Like its 2018 iPhone lineup, Apple should use the A13 chip inside all the three iPhones it will release this year.

Cameras: An eye on three lenses

One of the most popular iPhone rumors is that whether Apple will opt for a triple rear-facing camera array in its 2019 iPhones.

Deutsche Securities analyst Jialin Lu in May 2018, said that Apple was planning a triple-lens camera array in at least one of the iPhones it will release in 2019.

iPhone 11 three camera lenses

iPhone 11 three camera lenses

According to the analyst, whose note was reported on by Economic Daily News, the cameras would be offering advanced 3D sensing and use stereoscopic vision and dramatically improve the iPhone’s augmented-reality capabilities. AR has been a major point of importance at Apple in recent years.

Apple will be taking a cue out of Huawei’s and Samsung’s book for this. In addition to the usual 12MP wide angle and telephoto sensor, Apple will also be adding a new ultra-wide angle shooter on the iPhone 11.

The ultra-wide angle shooter helps users to capture photos with a new perspective. Additionally, Apple is also expected to make betterment to its Smart HDR algorithms which should ensure better dynamic range and details in photos.

There is no word on whether the selfie camera will be improved to a higher resolution sensor or not.

iPhone 11 front camera

iPhone 11 front camera

The 2019 iPhone XR successor will miss out on the ultra-wide angle sensor due to its lower price tag.

iPhone 11 Design

Most reports demonstrate that Apple won’t be changing its iPhone design much in 2019. And that would reveal that the company will keep the same notch design it introduced with the iPhone X in 2017 and doubled down on with the new iPhone lineup in 2018.

iPhone 11 design

iPhone 11 design

The current design of the XS and XS Max is tremendous- solid, premium and smooth, it’s one of the wisest looks on the market, so is it cheeky of us to ask for something new? We don’t think so.

Apple has been using the same design for the past two generations, to avoid the new iPhone 11 being branded another incremental update, a fresh new look would help. 

We’ve seen HTC and Google had implemented squeezable sides on their phones, and if Apple can sharpen this technology to make it even more user-friendly it could be the end of any switch or a physical button on the handset.


The new 2019 Apple’s iPhone 11 is unlikely to feature support for faster LTE speeds. This means just like the iPhone XS, it will feature support for Gigabit LTE.

iPhone connectivity
iPhone connectivity

The 2019 iPhone XR will be expecting to gain support for 4×4 MIMO for faster LTE speeds, though that’s still up for debate at this point of time.

Another important connectivity improvement on the 2019 iPhone 11 will be the support for Ultra-Wide Band which should help improve indoor positioning on it.

Other connectivity aspects of the 2019 iPhone 11 and iPhone XR are expected to remain the same. This means we are still looking at Wi-Fi ac, Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC.

There are rumors of Apple adding Wi-Fi 6 support to 2019 iPhones but since the technology is still in draft stages, Let’s see whether Apple will implement it or not.

Don’t expect 5G

While other smartphone manufacturers are promising to offer 5G phones this year, including Samsung, OnePlus, and LG, it looks like Apple is sitting out the first wave.

No 5G
No 5G

A report in Bloomberg says that Apple likely won’t be delivering a 5G iPhone until 2020. This might not be a huge deal, as the major carriers will be rolling out their networks throughout 2019.

Better battery life

We already know the fact that iPhones aren’t the strongest performers when it comes to battery life.

iPhone battery
iPhone battery

The iPhone XS provided an improvement in the battery over the iPhone X. It’s time Apple really need to grips with battery life, giving the new iPhone 11 a power backup that will see it comfortably through one day and into the next without being panic about finding a charger overnight.

Improving Battery isn’t going to give us the multiple days of battery life that we saw from feature phones back in the early 2000s, but an iPhone that could extend to two days from a single charge will really get people talking.

Wireless Reverse Charging

iPhone wireless reverse charging
iPhone wireless reverse charging

One of the highlights of the 2019 iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Max will support wireless reverse charging. As seen on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Huawei Mate 20 Pro/P30 Pro, wireless reverse charging will allow the 2019 iPhones to wirelessly charge other devices. Although the process will be slow, it is ideally recommended for accessories like the AirPods and Apple Watch.

This would be a useful feature to have as it will ensure that one has to travel only with their iPhone charger and not worry about carrying the chargers for the AirPods or Apple Watch.

Hello, Apple Pencil

Hello Apple Pencil
Hello Apple Pencil

There had been some hope that Apple will bring Apple Pencil support to the iPhone in 2018. But it never happened. Now, all eyes are on 2019.

According to The Korea Herald’s sources, Apple is in view of adding Apple Pencil support to its 2019 iPhone lineup. That report said Apple may opt for a supercapacitor stylus, which is cheaper to manufacture than the electromagnetic-resonance technology which Samsung uses for the S Pen that accompanies its Galaxy Note However, Apple’s technology will make it feel more like a pencil, according to the report.

The Apple Pencil 2 in the new iPad Pro delivers new feature, such as gestures, and it magnetically attaches to the tablet for charging.

iPhone 11 Price 

Despite the slowdown in sales of iPhone’s Apple is planning to reduce the prices for 2019 iPhone 11. They should have the same prices as the 2018 iPhones. This means the 2019 iPhone XR will start from $749, with the 5.8-inch iPhone 11 starting from $999 and the bigger iPhone 11 Max being priced at around $1,100

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