Sony reveals some details about the PlayStation 5

PlayStation 5 will have an SSD and a graphics card that supports ray-tracing



The lead architect of PlayStation

The lead architect of PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita Mark Cerny has given a lengthy interview to Wired’s Peter Rubin and shared some features about Sony’s next generation console which is likely to be called the PlayStation 5.

Playstation 5 supports AMD generation processor

In that interview, Mark Cerny revealed that the next PlayStation will feature an eight-core CPU just like PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 4 Pro. The custom made CPU will be based on the third generation of AMD’s Ryzen processors. It will feature eight 7nm cores.

GPU of Playstation 5

As for the GPU Sony plans to build a custom graphics processor which is based on the forthcoming AMD Navi family, capable of real-time ray tracing, an effect that simulates the path of light through a scene, allowing for incredibly realistic and complex reflections, refraction and shadows.

Cerny says that the next generation PlayStation GPU will support ray tracing.

Those chips will also lead to a jump in audio performance. You can expect good 3D audio support if you have a set of speakers or headphones that support this kind of stuff.

The PlayStation 5 will also be built with SSD hard drives by default. This is a key difference between PC games and console games. Spinning hard drives lead to endless loading screens.

 Sony PS4
Sony PS4

Choosing for an SSD changes everything. For instance, Cerny says that fast-travel in Spider-Man running on a PlayStation 4 Pro does take approximately 15 seconds, while it will take less than a second on a next-generation PlayStation devkit.

Moving on to the hardware front, Cerny also confirmed that the PlayStation 5 will have a BluRay drive like PlayStation 4 to read physical games. It will, therefore, be compatible with PS4 games.

Based on the interview, it’s uncertain whether Sony is having planning to launch a second-generation PlayStation VR headset. But if you have already bought a VR headset, it’ll be compatible with the future PlayStation.

PlayStation 5 release date

Sony is skipping E3 this year, which show that we won’t hear more about the PlayStation 5 for a while. The company will most likely launch the new console in 2020.

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